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Welcome beautiful enthusiast! 

We know you enjoy the sweet thrill of discovery, the liberating rituals of self-care, and the satisfying glow that comes with success. So we open our doors to you to become our Roommates!

Who is a Roommate?

Roommates of Sarah Jo are our much esteemed customers and subscribers who are obsessed with the journey of reaching perfection in beauty. 

Why become a Roommate?

As a roommate in the Sarah Jo’s Beauty Chateau, the Chateau offers you exclusive benefits. You get:

  • To accumulate points to get Special Discounts during our Give-Back Promos where you gain points for purchases and orders
  • Weekly email filled with amazing tips for Beauty and Hair Care
  • Notifications for the sought after Flash Sales
  • Referral Bonuses where you earn by referring your family, friends and acquaintances to our Chateau

And so much more benefits that will be open to our esteemed Roommates

Register with us, subscribe to our inspirational Newsletters and join other amazing beauty enthusiasts of all ages, genders, skin tones and abilities. 

Color the sky with beauty as you transcend all barriers of beauty!


Break limits, Transcend and Shine brighter than the star you are!

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