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About Us

Beauty is Transcendent!

At Sarah Jo’s Beauty, we have always looked beyond limitations and restrictions. We believe that every beauty enthusiast is beautiful in their own right.

Inspired by culture, diversity and motivated by the need to transcend all limitations, We are bringing you a platform to let the star within you shine resplendently.

Every shade of you is beautiful!

To celebrate diversity, we –Sarah Jo’s and our House Guest– simply aim to transcend all restrictions of beauty and bring forth an era where the star is not dimed to blend in!!!


We believe in transcending all limitations.

We provide an assortment of products across all skincare, hair care, and makeup, beauty tool categories and price points from our esteemed House guest including our signature brand, Sarah Jo’s Beauty Chateau®.

With the wellness and health of our Roommates and visitors in mind, we hold our House Guest to the highest standards of the industry and hence, expect all suppliers and House Guest to sign a manufacturing agreement as well as a social compliance agreement.


To become the favorite, go to beauty store for our Roommates and the best retailer for our HouseGuests.


Breaking the barriers limiting beauty to bring forth the stars in our Roommates and inspiring our HouseGuests to build an excellent fulfilling career in the beauty industry.

Our Mantra

Beauty is transcendent!
Break limits; shine through!
Be a star!
You are your perfect shade; Own your diversity!

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